Police: Man who impersonated officer during traffic stop in Milwaukee took off with victim's gun!

MILWAUKEE -- A fake officer, patrolling Milwaukee's south side? Milwaukee police confirmed for FOX6 News they're investigating an alleged impersonation of a police officer.

Police say the suspect pulled someone over, and the victim thought they were the real deal -- and handed over their license and more.

It happened at 18th and Oklahoma on Monday night, February 13th.

Milwaukee police said around 9:30 p.m., a vehicle with a red light on top stopped another vehicle in the area. The suspect, pretending to be an officer, asked for the victim's information, including their concealed carry permit.

The victim handed over a license, permit and gun. The suspect returned all but one item -- the victim's gun.

Police said the fake officer took off with it.

"That makes me really scared. I mean, I live two blocks from here," a neighbor said.

"I can`t believe that even happened!" Keimonte Wilson said.

Some said the next time they see flashing lights, they'll think twice.

"Where's your badge number? Can I see your badge number or what`s your car number? At least tell me something," a neighbor said.

Officials with the Milwaukee Police Department said motorists can always ask officers to show them a badge or ID card, or ask for a supervisor if they are pulled over.

This case remains under investigation.