Police: Man paid prostitute with pint-sized primate, Girl Scout money

EUGENE, Oregon — The husband of an Oregon pet store owner was arrested after police say he paid a prostitute with an exotic animal.

According to Eugene Police, the Zany Zoo Pet store reported two burglaries in early March. The stolen property included a laptop, Girl Scout cookie money and a Galago, a small primate commonly referred to as a bushbaby.

Nearly 10 days after the second burglary occurred, police recovered the exotic animal from an out-of-town prostitute staying in a motel. The woman cooperated with police and gave a statement.

In Oregon it is illegal to have an exotic animal without a license issued by the State Department of Agriculture.

Police arrested Nathan Allen McClain, the pet store owner's husband, for prostitution. Police say he gave the woman the animal as a tip for her services.

The missing Girl Scout money was never recovered and is still under investigation.

The pint-sized primate, Gooey, is safe and is living at a nearby sanctuary until the USDA issues a new license for Zany Zoo Pets.

Eugene Police Department uploaded a video of Gooey underneath a blanket eating a snack.

Zany Zoo issued a statement Friday regarding the arrest saying McClain will no longer be associated with the store.