Police make arrests in bizarre, sex-related stabbing case

Milwaukee police make a second arrest in a bizarre, sex-related stabbing case that unfolded on the city's east side.

Police arrived at Knapp and Astor Sunday night to find an 18-year-old man bleeding from the neck, arms and back.

According to a search warrant, the victim told officers he had been bound and stabbed by a woman more than 300 times over a two-day period.

When officers search the apartment from where he came, they found several books including a necromantic ritual book.

"They're supposed to be for fun, something that you read as a novice and enjoy. It's not supposed to be something that you try to do to bring harm to others," said John Reeves, a follower of Wicca.

The search warrant says 22-year-old Rebecca Chandler approached police at the scene saying, "I think you are here looking for me." Chandler said the cutting was consensual, but got quickly out of hand. She said her roommate with a fake name of "Scarlett" had done most of it.

Wednesday night, police arrested Raven Larrabee, the roommate.

Charges are pending for the two suspects. As for the victim, he declined interviews. But his latest Facebook status simply says, "stitches."