Police looking for owner of 'very angry' dog wearing blue pants, sweater

BELLEVUE, Washington -- We finally have an answer to the age-old question: How would a dog wear pants?

Apparently, just on its hind legs. But don't expect it to be too happy about it.

Cops in Bellevue, Washington, found a dog at a local park wearing a full fall ensemble -- and a "very angry" frown.

They took him in, with its green baseball sweater and blue pants, and put out an all-call for his owner.

The police department tweet is yet to yield the owner, but it did provide Twitter users an excuse for a howling good time.

"What, are you the Fashion Police now???" joked one.

"I saw that dog doing shots and talking loudly on his mobile in the lobby bar at the Hyatt. Glad I didn't talk to him," tweeted another.

The news even traveled down the police grapevine all the way to Kansas.

"Of course he's angry. That sweater doesn't match those pants at all!," read the zinger from the Johnson County Sheriff's Office.

If no one claims the little guy soon, he'll be put up for adoption -- minus the pants.

Let the bidding war begin.