Police investigating robbery, shooting at Milwaukee scrap yard

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating a shooting that happened at Bandos Recycling around 7:20 a.m. on Friday, December 27th.

According to police, a 61-year-old employee was shot during a robbery. The victim is currently being treated for his non-life threatening injuries at a local hospital.

"I wasn't surprised. It's getting a little dangerous out here with the holidays and people need money," said David Lopez as we was dropping off scrap. "They know these scrap places pay in cash."

Lopez, who drives a tow truck, says he was once a victim of the same crime.

"A couple years ago I got shot in the head. Lucky it wasn't more serious. It was just a graze but they blew out all my windows. It's a dangerous game out here," said Lopez.

By the time the scene at Bandos was cleared on Friday, regular customers were left wondering why it was closed. Many traveled up the road to Mill Valley.

"I came down here and it was closed. I don't know what happened down there or nothing like that so I came down to Mill Valley," said Ralph Williams.

A longtime employee of Mill Valley told FOX6 in more than 20 years he hadn't heard of any armed robberies happening at either scrap yard.

The shooting investigation is ongoing. No suspects have been taken into custody.