Police investigate two violent incidents at Madison H.S.

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Public School officials say there was more violence at Milwaukee's Madison High School as school ended Monday -- in the form of two separate incidents, one injuring a Milwaukee police officer. This comes after 11 were arrested after a fight outside the school on Friday, and 12 were arrested outside Washington High School Thursday after several fights broke out.

FOX6's camera captured exclusive video at Madison High School Monday afternoon, showing a man trying to restrain a young girl, and then, minutes later, another girl was dragged away -- carried by her hands and feet. It apparently took four people to carry away the girl - one on each arm and leg, and she was carried back into Madison High School. Another was carried away by an adult.

A Milwaukee Police Department spokeswoman says after school, there was an altercation between an adult female who does not attend the school and a 15-year-old female student, over an allegation that the 15-year-old took a phone belonging to another student.

Police say a female student who owned the phone, called the adult to the school. The adult allegedly battered the 15-year-old student.

Police say they're currently looking for the adult.

Additionally, about 45 minutes after the first incident, police say two male students who attend night school at Madison High School began fighting. Officers took them into custody along with a third male student who pushed the arresting officer to the ground, causing pain to his back. Police say the first two males are 17 and will be cited for disorderly conduct, and the third male will be cited for battery, and is also 17.

MPS Superintendent Gregory Thornton said Monday night: "This trouble will not be tolerated. As with the incidents that disrupted our schools last week, we are seeking disciplinary actions, so that a handful of unruly students do not continue to disrupt the education of thousands of other children."

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