Police investigate co-sleeping death of three-month old girl

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating the death of a three-month-old girl. The girl was found dead in a home near 29th and Atkinson Friday, May 4th. The Medical Examiner's report says the child was electrocuted by a worn extension cord with an exposed wire while sleeping in bed with her mother, and another child.

The Medical Examiner's report says Diamond McDuffie was found by her mother between the bed and the wall after falling off the bed. Diamond was sleeping in the bed with her mother and two-year-old sister.

Just after midnight, McDuffie's mother heard a "thud" and found Diamond between the bed and the wall, on top of exposed coils from a baseboard heater. Diamond's head was touching the bed frame, which had an electric charge running through it because it was in contact with a frayed extension cord. The combination sent 118 volts through Diamond's tiny body.

Authorities on the scene found potential burn marks near the corner of Diamond's mouth, on the left side that ran towards the left eye.

FOX6 News spoke with the landlord of the building where the incident occurred, and she said the family has not been back to the building since the incident occurred, and she was unaware of the exposed heating coils. "Whatever happened I don't know. It's a sad situation. We never knew the condition of vents because she never told us - never once mentioned it to us," Cherri Harsh said.

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