Police investigate case of horse mistreatment in Kenosha Co.

PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) -- More than 20 horses have been taken from a farm in Pleasant Prairie. Police say they were living in horrible conditions. Rescuers found the animals were starving and neglected.

The Pleasant Prairie Police Department executed a search warrant on Tuesday, April 9th after receiving a report of possible animal mistreatment at a farm on 128th St.

During the execution of the search warrant, five deceased horse carcasses were located in stalls within close proximity to live horses. More than 20 other horses were determined to be in poor condition and were removed from the farm.

"The horses were standing in three and a half feet of manure.  The sides of the stalls were eaten up by the horses," said Erika Dierks of Stonehedge Farm, which is now caring for the animals.

Rescuers say there was no water or hay -- many of the horses stood starving.

Now the rescuers are asking for donations. Their biggest need is for hay. If you'd like to make a donation, you're urged to call Clawz and Pawz at 262-880-3482.

As for the horse owners, they have not been charged yet. Police say this could be an extensive investigation.

Other agencies involved in the search warrant operation were the Kenosha County Health Department, the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office, Clawz and Pawz, a local equestrian veterinarian, and State officials.