Police investigate case of animal cruelty at Kenosha home

KENOSHA (WITI) -- Kenosha police and the Racine Zoo rescued several exotic animals from an abandoned home near 14th Ave. and 53rd St. in Kenosha. They're looking into a possible animal cruelty complaint.

While investigating this report, officers located what appeared to be a 3-4’ skeleton of an alligator in a large aquarium, the body of a large burned snake lying in some weeds, a dead 4-5’ alligator, and the carcass of a fawn in the backyard.

Inside of the residence, officers located several aquariums of various sizes, one which contained a large Gila Monster and another with a 4-5’ crocodile. Other containers were located which contained multiple snakes.

In the basement of the residence, officers located two 6-8’ alligators in a homemade indoor pond and a very large snapping turtle in a tub.

"I believe it is inappropriate to have these kinds of animals in a small house in a residential neighborhood; I think it's always wrong for amateurs to have venomous reptiles too," said Gregory Mayer, UW-Parkside biology professor.

Racine Zoo staff transported all animals to the Zoo for evaluation by a veterinarian and recovery. The animals will remain in quarantine for their protection and the protection of other Zoo animals and will not be available for viewing by the public.

Individuals wishing to donate funds to help the Zoo care for these animals may do so by visiting the Racine Zoo website or by calling 262-636-9189.