Police find man naked, covered in Tide detergent after sexual assault interrupted in Cudahy

Robert Mitchell III

CUDAHY -- Police arrested a naked man, covered in Tide laundry detergent who stands accused of crimes against others, including a child.

Robert Mitchell III, 32, faces four charges:

    According to a criminal complaint, the allegations stem from an incident on Feb. 12 when police found him outside his Cudahy home "completely naked, throwing snow on his head."

    Mitchell ran into his home, taking a "boxing stance," covered in Tide laundry detergent. He didn't respond to officers' commands, having what is described in the complaint as "a thousand yard stare."

    When one officer produced a Taser, the complaint says Mitchell struck his jaw with a fist. For that, he faces the battery to law enforcement officer charge and resisting an officer.

    Despite Mitchell continuing to "flail his arms and thrash his body," police were able to handcuff him.

    Two people inside the home told a gruesome account to investigators. Prosecutors say Mitchell went into a young teenage girl's room around 1:30 a.m. on the 12th and sexually assaulted her. A woman came into the room and interrupted this.

    Prosecutors say Mitchell later forced the woman's mouth open and "poured the detergent on her face and mouth."

    Mitchell remains in custody. At the request of the defense attorney, the court has ordered that he be examined for competency.

    The doctor's report is expected in two weeks.