Police continue to search for Kenosha man missing since May 17

KENOSHA -- Rosalio Gutierrez, Jr. has not been seen since Sunday.

His apartment is the center of an investigation. Police are working around the clock to find him.

"I want people to know he is missing and that he is loved and that we want him home."

Selia Patterson, the mother of Rosalio Gutierrez, Jr., hopes her son will be found soon.

"I could not have asked for a better son," she said.

Patterson says after learning of the disappearance, she drove to Kenosha from Colorado.

"Our first visit was to his apartment. I just wanted to be there," Patterson said.

The 40-year-old's Kenosha apartment is guarded by a squad car and surrounded by police tape as investigators look for clues.

"I have my breakdown moments and then I step back and say you know what law enforcement is doing their job," Patterson said.

Zachariah Anderson of Mequon is facing stalking charges in a case linked to the suspicious disappearance.

Prosecutors accuse Anderson of stalking his ex-girlfriend who is dating Gutierrez.

The woman told authorities Anderson had been tracking her lately.

When she hadn't heard from Gutierrez, she went to his Kenosha home, finding furniture moved around, the patio door open and large amounts of blood on the floor.

"It's an active investigation I cannot comment on that. I'll let law enforcement take care of that," Patterson said.

Anderson has not been charged in the disappearance case of Gutierrez, whose face is featured on digital billboards in Kenosha.

Patterson trusts law enforcement will unravel the truth.

"Whoever took my son from his apartment will have their day in court," she said.

Anderson denies the charges against him.

Gutierrez has still not been located.

If you have any information, give Kenosha police a call.