Police: Concordia University satellite center hit by round of gunfire wasn't targeted

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police say a Concordia University satellite center hit by a round of gunfire on Tuesday night, December 1st wasn't targeted.

The call for this incident came in shortly before 6:30 p.m. near the Concordia University Midtown Center campus, located near 56th and Capitol Drive.

Police say during circumstances that remain unclear, shots were fired in a parking lot in the area.

A window was shattered at Concordia when one round struck that window.

Shots fired near Concordia University Midtown Center campus

No one was hurt.

The Concordia University campus was locked down for a brief time. Police say they do not believe the university was targeted in any way.

A professor and 36 students were on lockdown prior to the arrival of officers.

Police say eight cases were found in the parking lot near the building, and there was just the one bullet that shattered the window.

No one is in custody in connection with this incident.

Shots fired near Concordia University Midtown Center campus

Crews boarded up the shattered window on Tuesday night.

"I think it was very shocking to hear gunshots going on -- so my immediate response was to, you know, drop -- but then also to make sure my students were OK because at that time it's a very prime time where our students are coming in and out of the building," Joelynett Mckee, center director for the Midtown Center said.

Concordia officials tell FOX6 News they're using this incident to see how Concordia can partner with police to ensure an even safer environment for students and staff.