Police called out to Whitefish Bay High School to investigate threat; nothing suspicious found

WHITEFISH BAY -- Police on Thursday, April 28th were called out to Whitefish Bay High School to investigate a threat.

Police say nothing was found at the school -- and no one was arrested.

Officials with the School District of Whitefish Bay issued this letter to parents:

In the early morning of April 28, 2016 Whitefish Bay Police investigated a possible threat to Whitefish Bay High School.  The investigation concluded that there was no credible or specific information that required any further steps of security.   The timeliness of events like this are never convenient and we are thankful to the Whitefish Bay Police for their prompt and detailed investigation.  Whitefish Bay High School remains open.

The School District of Whitefish Bay remains committed to maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.  Be assured that we continue to work cooperatively and diligently with Whitefish Bay law enforcement officials to ensure a safe and positive learning environment for all.

Threats or even prank like activities to the student body, staff and/or facilities are taken very seriously.  Individuals who make such threats will face considerable disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

As a school community we share the collective responsibility to ensure all are safe.  Any school community member having information pertaining to any events that could compromise the safety and security of our schools, students and staff are encouraged to notify a School District Administrator or the Whitefish Bay Police Department.

If you have any questions relative to this particular matter please feel free to contact the School District of Whitefish Bay (414) 963-3901.