Police arrest three teenagers after armed robbery

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police have arrested three teenagers after an armed robbery near North 3rd Street and Keefe Avenue.

Police say a group of suspects wearing ski masks stole a man's cell phone Wednesday night, April 18th around 9:30 p.m.

During Wednesday's robbery, one of the suspects pointed a gun at the victim and pulled the trigger, but the gun may have misfired. "Alleged to have pointed the gun at the victim during the robbery and clicked it, possibly intending to shoot," MPD Officer Chad Boyack said.

Officers Nathan Fager and Chad Boyack saw a van matching witness descriptions and arrested three men - all between the ages of 17 and 18 years of age.

Police say they found ski masks in the van and a handgun. The officers involved say the neighborhood has a history of problems. "Over the last three months there`s been anywhere from five to 10 armed robberies in that area all involving the area of 3rd and Keefe to 6th and Keefe," Boyack said. "All the frequency of robberies in the area -- it's a hot spot for District 5," Fager said.

Police can't say for sure whether the teens arrested Wednesday are responsible for all of the robberies, but they say they hope they've made a dent in the problem. The three suspects have not been charged, but police say it's likely to happen Friday.

Continnia Anderson lives near 3rd and says she's always on alert. "I'm not surprised. That's why I stay inside. Walking down the street, that's a no-no. Even going to a gas station, getting out at nighttime, that's definitely no," Anderson said.

Edward King says he was held up by a group of kids in the same area about three weeks ago. The suspects took his iPods and phone, but King says, he never called police. "We call them the 'stick boys' around here. Familiar with their group. They was masked up, had their hoodies on over their head, tied up real tight. I didn't report it. We are just used to it around here. I've been here 16, 17 years. I'm used to it. I was just glad to get away with my health," King said.

Police say in most of the robberies, the suspects have gone after cash and electronics. At this time, the three suspects have not been charged.