Police arrest several teens for firing guns in separate incidents

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating four incidents involving juveniles firing guns Thursday, August 30th and Friday, August 31st. Fortunately all of the weapons were recovered, and all of the suspects were caught.  One of the teens was found hiding in an unusual spot.

It was broad daylight when shots were fired near East Wright and 1st Street. Police say the suspect was riding a bicycle, and discharged a firearm.

Police came to the scene and spotted the teen suspect a block away. The teen ran, and one neighbor said the suspect left his weapon behind, right near the man's yard.

“It was actually a sawed-off 22 rifle. We did recover shell casings from that weapon,” Milwaukee Police Sgt. Gregg Duran said.

Meanwhile, other officers continued the chase.  

“I saw this guy in all white running on foot back and forth across the street hiding in people’s yards,” neighbor Kristina Melton said.

The teen tried to dodge police, but about 12 officers swarmed the area and found him in an alley, hiding in a garbage can.

While he was taken into custody, not far away, an officer responded to a report of shots were fired near 24th and Auer.  Police say the officer saw a teen toss a large-caliber weapon with a 30-round clip magazine. The officer recovered the weapon.

Folks in the neighborhood are increasingly concerned about recent gun violence.

All of the teens involved in the gun incidents were taken into custody and the weapons were recovered. No one was injured.

Police planned additional patrols over Labor Day Weekend.