Police: Arrest made in attempted sexual assault case on Milwaukee's north side

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A serial rapist may be responsible for more than a dozen sexual assaults in the past three weeks on Milwaukee's north side and the Riverwest neighborhood.

The 13th attack was an unlucky number. Milwaukee police say they arrested a sexual assault suspect near 6th and Locust just before midnight on Sunday, December 14th.

This is a photo of the victim in the Riverwest attack wants people to see and gave FOX6 News permission to use it.

The picture shows serious injuries she suffered after a man tried to rape her as she walked near Snails Crossing Park over the weekend on Bremen Street.

The victim holds up a defiant finger to her assailant -- she posted to her Facebook:

"Important to Riverwesters. Guess who didn't get raped last night. This woman right here."

"I think what's really special about what she posted is that she specified, if you think you fight back, do it. If you can't there's nobody that can tell you it's your fault. You are not to be blamed. There are really terrible people who do terrible things and victim shaming doesn't help the situation in any way," said Johnny Dormandy, fellow performer.

The victim is a local celebrity in the LGBT community, starring in burlesque shows.

A source says she may be the 13th victim in just the past 3 weeks. As she screamed and fought her attacker, neighbors came to help. The attacker fled, neighbors called the police, others saved evidence and cared for the victim.

"He shot off and jumped this gate right here, and we lost sight of him. I took the young lady in nursed her and called 911.

Milwaukee police say around midnight they were able to make an arrest. Police say they are investigating to see how many sexual assaults the suspect may be linked to.

"I started to make more of them to put at bus stops," said the victim.

Leo Long is a fellow performer and friend of the victim's. She is leafleting the neighborhood to make neighbors more aware.

"We all tried to mobilize in ways to help. Whether to flyer or share it on the internet. Her post was shared by hundreds of people. I put the fliers online and that was shared by hundreds online as well," said Long.

As for those who helped her, the victim refers to them as her superheroes.

Officials are investigating whether the man is responsible for the December 12th attempted sexual assault of a 25-year-old woman near Bremen and Chambers. In that case, a 25-year-old woman was walking on the sidewalk when the suspect forced her into a small park and attempted to rape her. The suspect struck the victim several times when she resisted him -- he fled when the victim screamed.

Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News they will let us know as soon as they have the information about just how many sex assaults the suspect may be responsible for.

Police say the suspect may also be tied to other sexual assaults on Milwaukee’s north side.

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