Police advertise 4/20 contest to find person with 'the most marijuana’

YOUNGSVILLE, La. – Think you've got the most impressive marijuana stash? A Louisiana police department is encouraging pot smokers to prove it.

The 20th of April, commonly known as 4/20, has become an annual international holiday for THC fans, despite the fact that the drug is still illegal in most of America and at the federal level.

This year, the Youngsville Police Department wants in on the party, advertising a "contest" on their Facebook page:

“Since today is 4/20, we are giving away prizes to the person that has the most marijuana. If you think you have more marijuana than anyone else, and you want to enter this contest, come by and show us at 304 Fourth Street Youngsville, La. we will extend this contest until the end of the month !!!!”

The post does not list what the "prizes" are for those who bring their weed to the police station, but it's safe to say 4/20 will be ending early for those individuals.

The department generously extended the contest through the end of April.