Police: 35-year-old man, baby boy died in murder-suicide in Joliet, Illinois

JOLIET, Ill. -- A 35-year-old man and 1 1/2-year-old baby died in a murder-suicide in Joliet, Illinois Saturday, Sept. 21.

Police were called out to a home on Buckingham Lane shortly before 3 p.m. -- where officers were met by a 32-year-old woman and 9-year-old girl, who were in front of the home. They both "appeared to have fresh injuries," police said.

An officer reported the sound of gunfire moments before his arrival.

The 32-year-old woman told police the 35-year-old man was her estranged husband, and they were separated. She said their baby was also inside.

Officers tried to make contact with the man, but those attempts were unsuccessful. Crisis negotiators responded to the scene, and eventually, the home was breached.

A search of the home revealed the man and baby boy were dead from apparent gunshot wounds.

The mother and 9-year-old girl were taken to the hospital for treatment of their injuries.

An investigation was ongoing.