Police: 18-year-old is dead after suffering severe injuries while apparently "car surfing"

LA CROSSE (AP) — Police say an 18-year-old is dead after he suffered severe injuries while apparently "car surfing" in La Crosse.

Police say Quacheenu Zach Vang of Holmen died early Sunday, September 28th at Gunderson Health System.

Police say that Vang was injured sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. Sunday and was later brought to the hospital by family members.

Authorities were initially told that Vang was assaulted by several people at Holmen High School, but his injuries at the hospital appeared to be consistent with a car crash, not an assault.

Authorities then learned that Vang was car surfing with several people. "Car surfing" is when someone stands on a moving car.

Police say Vang fell off the car and suffered multiple injuries, including head injuries. Alcohol is believed to be a factor.