Plumbers say holiday season is their peak season

Black Friday is the busiest day for plumbers, because there are too many things going down the wrong pipes! It's not what you wash down the drain, but just how much food goes down those drains. Plumbers say be careful when it comes to filling up your pipes with that excess Thanksgiving food!

Adam Zinda's entire E-Z Flush Plumbing crew will be answering calls on Black Friday, but they won't just be fixing kitchen drains. They say toilets and showers will also need to be tended to, and Zinda says he's come across some interesting holiday mishaps through the years.

"A couple days after Thanksgiving, cleaning out the refrigerators, and didn't want to put the excess food down the disposal. They decided to put the excess food down the toilet, and grease is not designed to go down the toilet. It didn't just clog the toilet. It clogged up the plumbing in the entire house," Zinda said.

Zinda said another woman peeled a 15 pounds of potatoes, and decided to put the peels down her garbage disposal. "The husband was pretty upset when I got there," Zinda said.

To avoid clogging up your entire house, Zinda says try throwing some food in the garbage, versus putting it into the plumbing system. It's a common sense tip that could save you a lot of money and headaches!