Pleasant Prairie man accused of shooting 15-year-old boy during robbery to get shoes, PS4

Justin Stapleton

PLEASANT PRAIRIE -- A 19-year-old Pleasant Prairie man now faces multiple charges in connection with the shooting of a 15-year-old boy at a mobile home park. The accused is Justin Stapleton.

Stapleton is charged with the following counts:

    According to the criminal complaint, Pleasant Prairie police were called to Westwood Mobile Home Park off 88th Ave. shortly before midnight on Monday, Oct. 22. When officers arrived on the scene, they found a 15-year-old boy with gunshot wounds to his face, left shoulder, left arm, abdomen and left leg. The teen was taken to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for treatment of those injuries.

    Pleasant Prairie shooting incident

    An officer on the scene reported noticing multiple bullet holes in the hallway walls of the mobile home as well as inside the victim's bedroom. One of the bullets apparently struck a parked car inside the garage.

    While on the scene, officers were able to ask the 15-year-old victim questions about what happened. The victim stated "it was J-Roc that shot him" -- also known as Justin Stapleton. The victim told officers Stapleton "robbed (him) of his shoes - Jordan's Vans and Air Forces, and his Play Station 4." The victim stated Stapleton "came to his window and demanded his PS4 and Air Jordan Shoes." The victim said he turned over the property to Stapleton and "the defendant then started shooting at him."

    Pleasant Prairie shooting incident

    During a search of Stapleton's home a short time later, the complaint says officers "located a blue Adidas bag, a small camera case, a black graphic t-shirt and a black semi-automatic Glock 17 handgun with a 30-round extended magazine." Officers ran the serial number on the weapon and it "was showing a stolen status out of Illinois." Officers also reported "at least two pair of shoes found match shoes taken from (the victim) and from an empty Nike show box found in his room with blood smeared on it." Stapleton was taken into custody.

    While transporting Stapleton to the Pleasant Prairie Police Department, the complaint says Stapleton asked "how long someone would go to prison for if they committed a murder." He also asked "how his 'little Buddy' was doing -- referring to the victim." The complaint indicates Stapleton also stated "something along the lines of hopefully he doesn't die as he (the defendant) does not want to get life. He then paused and added, for a crime he didn't commit."

    Stapleton later spoke with a sergeant at the Pleasant Prairie Police Department and "repeatedly denied being involved with the shooting." He claimed "he was at home sleeping when he heard some gunshots go off."

    On Wednesday, bond for Stapleton was set at $500,000. Stapleton is scheduled to be in court for a preliminary hearing on Nov. 7.