Plea deal after man threatens to chop off grandfather's head

ST. FRANCIS -- 23-year-old Jeremy Loveland pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct, domestic abuse and use of  dangerous weapon after he allegedly threatened to chop off his grandfather's head with a Samurai sword in early December. The state offered Loveland two years of probation in exchange for the plea.

Police say they recovered 23 knives, swords and a shotgun from Loveland's St. Francis room. They also found 30 snakes and spiders; many of them venomous. The animals are now being kept at Milwaukee Animal Control.

Facebook pictures Loveland posts for the public are about as colorful as his history. Neighbors say they frequently saw him wearing a top hat and cape while smoking a pipe. A year ago, he made the news when one of his venomous snakes bit him and he nearly died. He was saved by the antidote he kept in the refrigerator.

The judge also ordered that Loveland receive a mental health evaluation.