'Pics with Pops:' Milwaukee police host free photo event in celebration of Father's Day

MILWAUKEE -- At Milwaukee Police Department's District 3 on Sunday, June 10, officers traded in their gear for a camera for their "Pics with Pops" event.

Ahead of Father's Day, the department though it would be fun to help families take pictures -- so they set up a studio in a conference room, set up some lights and let the photo session begin.

Looking forward, police said they want to do more events like this.

"In the future, we were thinking about attaching an event like this to possibly having a holiday party, a Christmas party, something like that, and then we'd have this as a sidebar," said Officer Cavazos, MPD.

Police said this event was an effort to do a better job getting to know the members of the community they serve.

Families who got their pictures taken received a free 8x10 frame and a printout of their portrait.