Pick 'N Save employees help arrest robbery suspect

CUDAHY -- Police say they have caught the woman responsible for a robbery at a pharmacy in Cudahy back in October, after another robbery. They say the woman followed the same pattern as in the previous robbery, but thanks to some observant Pick 'N Save employees, police were able to find her.

Police say the 29-year-old woman walked into a Cudahy Pick 'N Save store on Monday the same way she did back in October, wearing a hooded sweatshirt covering her face, passing a note to the pharmacist demanding oxycodone and other pharmaceutical drugs, and saying "hurry up, or I'll shoot." This time, however, some Pick 'N Save employees overheard what was going on, and after the pharmacist gave the woman the drugs, these employees followed the woman out of the store, and gave police a description of her vehicle. Police were then able to find her, and pull her over. After searching the car and questioning the woman, police say she confessed.

"The clothing that she was wearing was found in the vehicle, and when she was asked if she was involved in (the robbery,) she did admit to being involved," Melissa Maker with the Cudahy Police Department said.

Police say without the help of the quick-to-act Pick 'N Save employees, the arrest may not have been possible. Police say this woman is responsible for three armed robberies - two in Cudahy and a third in West Allis. The district attorney is expected to press formal charges against the woman Thursday.