'Pick a dozen:' Bristol strawberry farm blossoms into something more

BRISTOL -- "You plant them and you can't tell what it's going to look like, these beautiful yellow blossoms." Fourth-generation farmer Scott Thompson is taking on something new at Thompson Strawberry Farm in Bristol — sunflowers.

Scott Thompson

"You can walk through the whole field and can see tall ones, short ones and different colors," Thompson said.

The farm is known for providing guests with a unique experience throughout the year with apple, strawberry and pumpkin picking.

"We're trying to give people something to do outside," he said.

But given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, he's aiming at giving people something more.

"The one thing I love about this job is everybody is happy when they come here," Thompson said.

The fields encourage social distancing. Guests will also be able to take sunflowers home.

"If they have scissors or a hand clipper, that would be helpful. You'll be able to come out in the field, find a pretty sunflower and cut it, trim it up a little bit...you get to pick a dozen sunflowers with the price of admission," he said.

There's no need to rush because Thompson Strawberry Farm will have 21 acres of sunflowers through the month of September.

In a week or so, the fields will be ready for visitors. As thousands of flowers are still blooming, some things are worth waiting for.

"We put a lot of seed out there so they bloom for a long time. It's not just one weekend. It should be many many weekends," Thompson said.

Guests are, of course, encouraged to take pictures.

It's also recommended you bring your own vase or a bucket to bring your sunflowers home. There's plenty of other flowers blooming in the fields, as well.

For more information, check out their website.