Photo of wedding guest proposing in front of newlyweds goes viral

A photo of a wedding guest apparently proposing to his girlfriend in front of a bride and groom has gone viral.

The image of was uploaded to Reddit and has since been viewed over 1.4 million times. There are more than 1,500 comments on the picture, and many of them express outrage at the situation.

"Wow, now that's just entirely selfish. If I had been the bride or groom, I'd boycott the others' wedding," one commenter said.

"The newlyweds should go to that wedding and announce their pregnancy as part of the speeches, then the other couple could announce theirs at the kid's Christening, and the cycle could just continue forever," another commenter said.

The apparent strain on the bride's face is also a subject of debate in the comments.

"I love the bride's half happy reaction. Inside she is brimming with rage," one commenter said.

"Props to the bride and groom for holding their composure and not making it a worse scene than it already was. Many good fortunes to them," another commenter said.