Photo of dog in pickup truck during storm goes viral, owner offers explanation

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A photo of a dog in the back of a pickup truck during a thunderstorm has drawn a lot attention on Facebook.

Karin Demo posted the image on the page for Bubs Indiana Bulldogs Sunday. The photo showed a bulldog in the bed of a pickup truck in the middle of a thunderstorm. according to FOX59. The truck didn’t have a tailgate.

“Lightning and thunder and your poor dog is curled up in the corner of your truck bed while no one is in your passenger seat,” Demo wrote. “Pure torture.”

But Blake Heidelberger, the dog’s owner, had an explanation for the picture. He told FOX59 he was out and about when the dog got into a pond and ended up soaked and dirty. Heidelberger put the dog in the back of the truck for the ride home.

He said once it started raining, he stopped at an underpass and moved the dog to the cab of the truck. He said the dog wasn’t out in the rain for long.

According to Heidelberg, his dogs are “show dogs” and he wouldn’t treat them badly.

The post was deleted from the Facebook page for Bubs Indiana Bulldogs.