Petition falls short in effort to remove Dimitrijevic as chair

MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) -- An effort to remove Marina Dimitrijevic as Milwaukee County Board chairperson has failed.

On Thursday, May 16th, five supervisors on the Board submitted their petition to the Milwaukee County Clerk, calling for the resignation of Dimitrijevic and requesting a special meeting of the Board for the purposes of election a new chairperson.

The petition fell short of the required 12 signatures to convene the meeting. Only the five original petition sponsors signed the document. They include Mark Borkowski, Steve Taylor, Deanna Alexander, John Weishan and Jim Schmitt.

In a statement released Thursday morning, the five supervisors issued the following statement: "We aim to continue to fight for this cause as we believe that the current County Board leadership should be held accountable for well-documented wrong-doings it allowed to take place under its watch. It is somewhat disappointing to see that the rest of our colleagues do not share this opinion."