Petition drive to put the brakes on Milwaukee streetcar project begins Tuesday evening

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Citizens for Reponsible Government (CRG) and two Milwaukee aldermen are leading an effort to put the brakes on a proposed streetcar project in downtown Milwaukee. The group's campaign, “Stop the Trolley Madness,” is set to begin Tuesday evening, January 6th at Serb Hall in Milwaukee.

Milwaukee Aldermen Bob Donovan and Joe Davis, Sr. announced a citywide petition drive on Monday to force a binding referendum on funding for the proposed downtown streetcar project. The aldermen have formed a committee they call “UNITED for Milwaukee.” Now they need 31,000 signatures in 60 days. If they get them, a referendum could be put on the April ballot asking voters to decide whether they want the streetcar.

The Serb Hall event runs Tuesday evening from 5 p.m. until 7 p.m. It's an opportunity for those interested to pick up copies of the petition the aldermen are pushing. There will be a ten-minute petition training session every half hour at this event.

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