Personnel file: Wauwatosa officer who punched teen at Mayfair has been in trouble before

WAUWATOSA -- Wauwatosa Police Officer Evan Olson was cleared of wrongdoing in connection with a controversial arrest at Mayfair Mall. FOX6 News requested Olson's personnel file, which shows he's been suspended three times in the past.

Video showed Officer Olson punching a 17-year-old suspect back on May 11.  A use of force review by Wauwatosa officials found he was "justified in using the technique and level of force he chose" in order to get the teen into custody.

There are both cellphone videos and surveillance video that was released by police connected to this case.

In a letter from April 20, 2015, Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber suspended Officer Olson for four days without pay for driving at "excessively high speeds" on multiple occasions.

A little over a year later, the chief suspended Olson again -- this time for 10 days for violating department policies. Among them -- striking a parked car during a pursuit. In that instance, the chief wrote, "consider this your very last warning."

FOX6 requested the documents after Olson became the subject of an internal investigation following the controversial arrest at Mayfair Mall. Cellphone video shows Olson trying to handcuff the 17-year-old boy, who had been accused of being disruptive. A struggle ensued between the two and Olson punched the teen twice in the head.

An administrative report revealed Olson told supervisors he felt it was the only way to subdue the teen. Investigators concluded Olson acted within his power.

In response to the release of the personnel file, Chief Weber said in a statement:

"The Wauwatosa Police Department believes in strict adherence to our departmental policies and procedures by all employees. Officer Olson has never had a citizen`s complaint filed against him nor has he ever been the subject of an excessive use of force complaint or investigation. In addition, numerous compliments and commendations regarding Officer Olson have been received over the course of his career."

In one such letter, a family praised Olson for his "quick response" helping their dog.

Olson was also suspended for one day in 2015, for being late to work multiple times.

An attorney for the teen from the Mayfair Mall arrest has since filed a notice of intent to sue the police department over Olson's actions.