People rally for peace near the scene of triple shooting

MILWAUKEE -- The day after a triple shooting injured three teenagers in Milwaukee, people are calling for an end to the violence. They organized a rally near Wednesday's shooting site at 40th and Lisbon, and say they're sick of seeing so many young people hurt by violence.

The group rallied for peace Thursday after three teenagers were shot at a home in the 1800 block of North 40th Avenue. Two were Arthur Ward's granddaughters. "It's better to have two in the hospital, than be doing two funerals," Ward said Thursday.

Ward says one of his granddaughters was shot in the leg, and the other in the back. "They operated on her neck. The bullet went from her back to her neck, and they were able to do surgery," Ward said. Ward says his granddaughters remain in the hospital, but all three victims from Wednesday's shootings are expected to survive.

Wednesday's shootings come on the hells of two fatal attacks against teen boys. A 16-year-old was shot and killed Tuesday near 19th and Finn, and another 16-year-old was killed outside an apartment in the 8100 block of West Villard on January 4th. Both were students at Bradley Tech High School.

Those at Thursday's rally say the city has already seen too much violence, early in the year. "We're not standing for any more violence in 2012.  We want it to cease.  We want it to end," Priscilla Coggs-Jones, an organizer of the rally said.

Milwaukee Public Schools spokeswoman Roseann St. Aubin says the violence is a testament to how tough it is for kids on city of Milwaukee streets. "We hope if anything comes of this, that people will starting to have a dialogue about what's happening out there in our neighborhoods," St. Aubin said.

MPS says the district has lost four students since December: three in shootings, and one in a car accident.