'People go nuts for it:' Pickle pizza among the items on the menu for 1st State Fair Food Drive-Thru Thursday

WEST ALLIS -- The Wisconsin State Fair isn't going on as normal due to COVID-19, but the food is, at least some of it! You can get a taste of the fair without leaving your car starting Thursday, July 23 during the "Fair Food Drive-Thru" that lasts four weekends.

It all starts at Gate 9 at 76th Street and Pierce Street, and while it won't feature all your favorites, you'll be able to get some -- like Rick's Concessions, serving up pizza by the slice.

"People go nuts for it," said Attavio Ukmar.

"Crossing our fingers it works," said Tristian Ukmar, Rick's Concessions. "People want their fair food."

For the Ukmar men, pizza was their first love, and first business.

"We were born into it - unfortunately," said Tristian Ukmar.

"We have pepperoni,cheese, sausage and we specialize in pickle pizza," said Attavio Ukmar.

State Fair Food Drive-Thru

The pickle pizza won't be the only surprise on the menu this year at Wisconsin State Fair Park.

"It's gonna be just like Chick-fil-A, couple guys out there taking orders on iPads," said Attavio Ukmar.

Vendors like Rick's will become drive-thrus, bringing food to customers along a two-mile track at the Milwaukee Mile and State Fair Park.

"Social distancing is totally a thing," said Jen Puente, chief marketing officer with Wisconsin State Fair Park. "We're definitely able to keep our vendors distanced to practice the most safe environment we possibly can."

Customers will pull off the route to the vendor, and get the food without leaving their vehicles.

"When you normally go to the mall, you have that drive around lane, different restaurants you can pop into -- similar to what we'll have for the Fair Food Drive-Thru," said Puente.

Fair food is some food during a tough year for vendors.

"It's  80% of our yearly revenue between the three big ones we've lost," said Tristian Ukmar.

But the Ukmars said they know some business is just as sweet as their pizza.

"People just know our name, our product, what we bring to the table every year," said Tristian Ukmar.

During the four weekends of the Fair Food Drive-Thru, vendors change weekly.

The biggest concern really is traffic jams and lines for popular items, but officials hope the way it's set up will alleviate concerns. The Cream Puffs arrive Aug. 6-Aug. 9, so we'll see how that goes.

CLICK HERE to check out the Week 1 menu and more information.