Pearl Harbor Memorial Service Thursday evening

MILWAUKEE -- Friday, December 7th is "the day that will live in infamy" -- the anniversary of the attacks on Pearl Harbor. 

In Milwaukee, two Pearl Harbor survivors gathered Thursday night at the War Memorial in downtown Milwaukee to share their stories.

It was part of AmVets Pearl Harbor Day memorial observance.

The event featured several members of the Armed Forces as speakers, and a salute by a color guard.

One of the men there saw first hand what happened in 1941, and he said it is something you can never forget.

"I was on guard duty out on the ramp among the airplanes and I saw the first bomb striking American soil. Saw the dive bombers, saw the first one roll over, dropped his two bombs, then we saw the rising sun aside the airplane -- and you knew we were at war," Kenneth Sweet said.

Sweet retired in 1982 as a colonel after 40 years of service.