Pay up for profanity? You could get a ticket for swearing in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. – Myrtle Beach visitors, listen up. You may want to watch your mouth at this popular vacation destination.

According to Myrtle Beach Online, people who are caught swearing could be fined or even taken to jail.

The ordinance, which reportedly falls under the city’s disorderly conduct offense, states a person can't direct any "lewd, obscene or profane words toward another person."

Myrtle Beach Online reports the city brought in more than $22,000 last year from swearing citations: 289 tickets, each averaging about $77.

A police officer said the goal of the ordinance is not about generating money in fines, but about having visitors recognize and comply with Myrtle Beach laws.

“There is an expectation of a certain amount of propriety in a public place,” City of Myrtle Beach Spokesman Mark Kruea told the paper. Kruea said the language "can get out of hand," and at a certain point it will also infringe on somebody else's right.

Kruea said the money generated by the fines go to the Myrtle Beach's general fund, which helps pay for departments such as water and sewer, recreation and law enforcement.