Paul Ryan supporters gather for Election Night watch party in Janesville

JANESVILLE -- Voters in Janesville, Wisconsin had the chance Tuesday, November 6th to vote for Paul Ryan twice -- once for vice president, and once as Congressman for Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.

Around 9:55 p.m. Tuesday, November 6th, the Associated Press called the Congressional race for Ryan, just a few minutes before FOX News projected President Barack Obama the winner of the presidential race.

Paul Ryan supporters planned an election night event at the Holiday Inn Express in Janesville, to watch the results roll in. Ryan was in Boston for an Election Night event with Mitt Romney.

After Ryan was projected as the winner of the 1st District Congressional race, he delivered a video speech to supporters at his watch party, saying:

"Friends its been quite a journey since our last election year. Since then your hard work has changed the direction of our state. But more than that it has altered the course of the nation.

I am humbled and honored to serve you in Congress.

Tonight we look back with pride at what those years have meant for America and in all we have accomplished and all we can still achieve.

To all that have volunteered, knocked on doors donating hard earned money and time. Janna and I offer our sincere thanks. It is a privilege to serve as your representative.  Beyond serving, to each of your children. To celebrate together. To mourn the loss of loved ones together -- support each other when times were tough.

We came together for a cause and we stayed together as a family. No matter what lies ahead, I will continue to serve you and you will stay in our hearts because jobs may change, and families -- they endure. I can't thank you enough for your hard work on behalf of our state and our nation and for your continued support. Thank you again and God bless."

Representative Dave Craig (R - Big Bend) was hired right out of college as an aide to Congressman Ryan. Craig worked for Ryan for nearly 10 years, and was one of many supporters on hand in Janesville Tuesday night.

Ryan concluded his campaign with a rally in Milwaukee late Monday night. He woke up in his hometown of Janesville Tuesday morning, where he cast his ballot with his wife, Janna and two kids in tow.

Ryan was elected Congressman in Janesville in 1998, and has rarely had a competitive race for his seat. In this Congressional election, Ryan faces Democratic challenger Rob Zerban.

On Tuesday, Ryan was clearly focused on the presidential race. He told reporters he felt good about the outcome and said after spending the night in Wisconsin, he was ready to watch the results roll in on Tuesday night.

"It felt great waking up in my hometown.  I felt good coming.  This is the neighborhood I grew up in.  I went to junior high about 60 yards that way.  It`s great to be here in my hometown.  It`s great here to vote and we`re really excited," Ryan said.

Voters in Janesville told FOX6 News they were excited to come out Tuesday night and watch the results roll in.

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