Paul Ryan makes unannounced public appearances in southeastern Wisconsin with family

STURTEVANT -- After a fundraiser at the Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee Saturday night, October 6th, Republican vice presidential candidate and Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan spent Sunday with his family. The Green Bay Packers' fan even missed the game -- instead, taking his family out and about in Racine and Kenosha counties.

Ryan joked to a crowd Sunday night that maybe it was a good thing he didn't watch the Packers take on the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon -- as the team lost 30-27. Instead, Ryan spent the day making tightly controlled unannounced public appearances with his wife and kids. During the appearances, Ryan did not speak about the campaign and took no questions from the media traveling with him.

This week, Ryan is set to meet Vice President Joe Biden on the debate stage in Kentucky.

Ryan stopped at Apple Holler in Sturtevant, where he and his kids searched for pumpkins. They also crafted their own caramel apples and fed the goats. People did approach Ryan and he posed for pictures.

Ryan's next stop was Tenuta's Deli in Kenosha County. Ryan was greeted by the deli's owner, and picked up some Italian seasoning for venison -- in case he bags a deer while hunting this season.

Ryan then made his way to a Columbus Day dinner at the Italian American Society of Kenosha, where businessman Glenn Madrigrano was honored. At the dinner, Ryan gave a brief non-partisan speech where he said he has two rules for his family: one is trying to watch all the Packers' games, and the other is tucking his kids into bed at least once a week.

Ryan eventually headed back to his hometown of Janesville.