Paul Ryan considered a top GOP vice presidential candidate

MILWAUKEE -- Congressman Paul Ryan has endorsed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney for president. Now, many see Ryan as one of the top choices for the GOP vice presidential seat.

Romney called Ryan's endorsement a massive statement before Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday, April 3rd. "One of the most well-known leaders of conservatism coming out in support of my campaign - that gets me the kind of boost I need," Romney said.

Some feel a Romney-Ryan ticket could be what the Republicans are looking for in November. But what does Romney have to say about it? "I haven't begun to think about who I'd put on my ticket. I'm not on a ticket yet myself," Romney said Saturday, March 31st at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Pewaukee. "Surely he is one of the top leaders in the Republican Party and will be considered by anybody who becomes the nominee as such a leader."

It's unclear whether Ryan, the congressman from Janesville, Wisconsin wants to run for vice president, but many Republicans see his potential and think he and Romney would make a good match. "They work very well together. They're both strong fiscal conservatives who understand the need to get our fiscal house in order in Washington," one Romney supporter said.

Republicans say they see Ryan's potential to succeed in the vice presidential role. "I don't know if we're willing to give him up yet in Wisconsin to the leadership role out there, but he could be a part of anything and make it work," one Republican said.