Paul Davis Restoration moving to Milwaukee, bringing 100 jobs

A big jobs announcement kicked off the 150th anniversary meeting of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce Wednesday, as Paul Davis Restoration announced it's moving its headquarters and training facility to Milwaukee, bringing in 100 jobs, and a $10 million investment.

More than 1,600 business leaders gathered on the field at Miller Park for the meeting Wednesday, to discuss the fact that unemployment remains a huge concern in the state, and around the country, and business leaders say there are job openings, but not enough skilled workers available to fill them.

Former Bucyrus CEO Tim Sullivan says the Wisconsin State Senate needs to pass a bill that would change the way high-schoolers are educated, creating two separate tracks: one being a college prepatory curriculum, and one for vocational courses.

"Kids are smart. They know if they're college prep or not.  If they're not, they quit. We have to give them a vocational track, and then they become really valuable to the manufacturing community in the state of Wisconsin," Sullivan said.

Governor Scott Walker was also on hand at Wednesday's event, and says education needs to focus on areas that need workers.

"Far too many students are getting training in areas where there isn't a job need. We need to do more to provide incentives, to put people in positions where the jobs are needed," Walker said.