Passengers deal with delays at Mitchell Intl. Airport

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The weather meant a slower commute for some and caused others to wait hours at Mitchell International Airport to get on with their travel plans.

“Our flight was leaving at 10; we gave ourselves a couple hours to get here, but ended up in the car for 4 hours. Sitting in the traffic we saw a lot of wrecks,” said Logen Hodgs, who was visiting Wisconsin from North Carolina. The long trip to the airport caused him and his family to miss their flight.

While some people like the Hodgs missed their flights because of the weather, other people got to the airport to find their flights delayed.

“My flight got delayed, now we've been bumped from 2 other flights so now we are trying to connect to Kansas City to try to get back home. This is pretty tough here,” said Mikey Smith, who came from Texas to watch the Packers Game.

The delay meant Smith would miss a day of work, but he said that and the inconvenience of a long wait is worth it to see the Pack.

Airport marketing manager Ryan McAdams said on their side of things, it has gone relatively well. "They've been going fairly smoothly here,” McAdams explained. “The only impacts we're seeing is to Dallas.”

McAdams said the reason for those delays was because of weather conditions there. However, McAdams warns travelers to keep an extra close eye on their flights as we head into Thanksgiving holiday travel.

“What we may see is impacts down the road. That's why it's real important for passengers to keep abreast of where they are flying to, and stay in touch with their airlines to see if their flight will be impacted as we go through the next few days,” said McAdams.