Parents turning to GPS trackers made specifically for kids

MILWAUKEE -- GPS has found it way into a lot of a gadgets and now parents are turning to the technology to help keep track of their kids.

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Usually children are too little to carry around a smartphone but these dedicated trackers are made just for little ones.

Pocket Finder is a GPS tracker for seniors, pets, cars and kids. The device is waterproof and durable enough to be thrown into a backpack full of books. Pocket Finder provides all day monitoring, alerts you if your child leave a boundary you set and sends you notifications when your child leaves or arrives at a certain location. As a bonus, you get to see a "trail" of where your child travels and if they are in a car a map will show you "red" where that vehicle was potentially speeding. The device is $130 with a $13 monthly service fee.

GizmoPal 2 from LG is available through Verizon. Along with tracking, the watch-type device allows phone calls to a few selected numbers. It sells for $80.

FiLIP 2 is available through AT&T and also allows calls. It sells for $150. Just beware, both of these watch-like devices are pretty bulky, especially for little wrists. Also, the biggest downside is the battery - the more you track, the more you will be charging them.

Schools are starting to let parents track kids on the bus. SafeStop provides the service to parents and schools. It allows parents to securely track their children's bus location, get estimated arrival times and transportation alerts like a substitute driver. Parents can check in on an app to see where the bus is and schools get a record of everyone who steps on and off the bus.