Parents of 5-month-old boy in desperate need of liver donor: 'He's fighting so we have to fight'

Baby Marcus

WAUWATOSA -- It is a race against the clock. The parents of a 5-month-old boy named Marcus are making a public plea for help. Marcus is living with liver failure -- and is in desperate need of a liver donor. His parents, Whitney McLean and Tony Albers, say Marcus has just weeks to live without the donor.

Marcus has been hooked up to machines at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin for three weeks and counting. So far, attempts to find a donor have not worked.

"We just took his 5-month picture. Little different from the 4-month one. Yeah," Albers said.

Baby Marcus

Tony Albers

But instead of growing stronger and bigger, little Marcus is doing the opposite.

"The last couple weeks have been really rough. His health -- he has as good day and then he has a bad day," Albers said.

Marcus suffers from Immunodeficiency 47 -- a rare genetic disorder. There are just twelve known cases in the world passed down through the mother. Only baby boys are at risk of showing symptoms.

Whitney McLean

"My grandmother had all girls, my mom had all girls," said McLean.

The disease essentially attacks the liver -- giving patients just weeks to live. Unable to donate part of their own livers, McLean and Albers found a donor for Marcus. But shortly before the transplant was scheduled for Tuesday morning, April 2, they received devastating news. It was not a perfect match.

"We thought we'd be talking about him in surgery right now--  and please have your prayers, because he is in surgery," McLean said.

Now the Waukesha parents are back to square one.

"Waiting is the hardest part," McLean said.

"The helplessness feeling, is what it is," Albers said.

The couple hopes to give their young son a second chance.

"We'll keep fighting and hopefully he'll hang on," McLean said. "He's fighting so we have to fight."

"Exactly, is how I feel about it," Albers said.

Parents of 5-month-old Marcus, who needs a liver transplant

In order to be a candidate for liver donation, you must meet the following criteria:

    Doctors need just 25 percent of your liver -- and say it will grow back completely within six months.

    If you believe you may be a good candidate for this liver donation, CLICK HERE.