Palermo's, Johnsonville partner to donate 300 pizzas to Riverwest Food Pantry

MILWAUKEE -- Palermo's Pizza and Johnsonville partnered on Saturday, July 25 to donate 300 frozen pizzas to the Riverwest Food Pantry in Milwaukee.

The pizzas were topped with pepper, onion and Johnsonville bratwurst -- a new addition to Palermo's Screamin' Sicilian line of frozen foods.

"Everybody loves pizza, we want to do something special for people, because it's been a hard several months for everybody in the world," Samantha Vosters with Riverwest Food Pantry said.


A Palermo's spokesperson said the companies wanted to help in a creative way and provide a treat for community members facing food insecurity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"That's real great," said Cynthia Wilson, who was at the pantry on Saturday. "We're gonna eat that tonight. So that was a blessing and that was a gift."

The Riverwest Food Pantry is a distribution location for pre-bagged foods such as fresh produce and non-perishable items.