Packers Super Bowl champ helps in fight against bullying

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- He's a beloved Green Bay Packers Super Bowl champ, but many don't know that Gilbert Brown was bullied as a kid.

"It's a situation where they pick on you, what do you do? If you accept it and start crying it gets worse," said Brown.

Brown used his passion for football as an outlet to get him through the tough times.

But now he's helping in the fight against bullying.

Brown along with the Vistelar Group and the Milwaukee Police Department presented the anti-bullying campaign to students at St. Marcus Lutheran School.

"Bullies just bully other kids because they want other kids to feel bad because they feel bad," said 3rd grader Jeffrey Montgomery.

Officers and teachers will focus on teaching kids about the bullying proof tool kit, which are the skills they can always carry with them to deflect bullying.

"We're teaching kids how to be confident, we're teaching them what gets them upset, we're teaching them word blocks, we`re teaching them how to respond to difficult situations," said Officer William Singleton with the Milwaukee Police Department.

These are tools Brown wishes he had as a child, but he's glad to be a part of an effort that's empowering young people to stand up for themselves and help one another.

"I will just tell people that it's not right and I will go to a teacher if anything happens that goes beyond your will," said 7th grader Marquiss Childs.

Teaching kids that you don't have to win a Super Bowl to be a champion.

Officials say they plan to begin the program in about 10 to 15 schools and eventually expand.

For more information on the anti-bullying campaign CLICK HERE.