Packers Jennings speaks to group of middle-schoolers

MILWAUKEE -- A number of Packers players spent the day in southeastern Wisconsin connecting with fans and celebrating their perfect 12-0 season. Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings channeled his father's preacher ability while surprising and motivating a group of Milwaukee middle-schoolers Tuesday.

Jennings spoke to a rapt audience Tuesday at St. Marcus Lutheran School in Milwaukee's north side. Like many of his teammates, Jennings appreciates the platform his position provides, but along with sharing tales of blessings and success, Jennings says he's intent on detailing his mistakes and struggles, especially when it comes to teaching children about overcoming adversity. "There are going to be hurdles and speed bumps but it's all about how you bounce back," Jennings said.

Jennings also encouraged the students to be proud of their faith. While some professional football players are catching criticism for their religious beliefs, Jennings says messages of faith and God and blessings permeate the Packers locker room. "It becomes a kind of way of life, and the more you pound it in, the more you can grab hold of it and make it a reality," Jennings said.

Jennings often reminds his fans "today is a great day to be great," and Tuesday was a great day to show some impressionable children the way. Jennings made a donation to the school's library Tuesday, and gave each student a book bag and a Packers hat.