Packers fans gear up for the big game and big parties

MILWAUKEE -- Get out the party hats and jerseys, Packers fans spent the weekend making preparations for big Packers parties for Sunday's Packers vs. Giants playoff game!

Celebrate Express showed FOX6 what it takes to throw the ultimate Packers party. On their site there's a little bit of everything to pick from: balloons, face paint, pom poms, and wigs... just to name a few.

And what would a party be without the food? We checked out the Downtown Metro Market, where they make sure to have everything that fans need. "Everyone really is in a good mood, especially, right now, coming into the first game, and they're really looking forward to it," Elaine Van Portfliet from the Metro Market said.

The market takes special orders to make party trays, but you have to give the store at least 24 hours to have it ready.