Packers fans gather around Lambeau for game day tailgates

GREEN BAY -- Hundreds of Packers fans gathered at spots around Lambeau Field Sunday for a big Packers tailgate before the Pack took on the Giants in the first playoff game.

More than five hours before kick-off Sunday, the first bonfire was lit near Lambeau Field...and fans were eager for the game to begin! "I have not been to a game at Lambeau Field since 1995, so it's incredible. Just to be here in an awesome, awesome feeling," Don Wiarek said.

Some were celebrating their first trip to Lambeau Sunday. "My first time coming to Lambeau Field. This is my bucket list," Eddie Murray said.

Only the earliest of risers were able to tailgate in the backyard of a home near Lambeau, sitting in the stadium's shadow. "I was up at 6:30," Dan Welter said. "I left my house at 7:30 to pick him up at 8," Wiarek said. "I got up at 2:00. Couldn't sleep all night, so we're ready to roll!" Mike Oswald said.

Despite the Packers success this season and last, there was plenty of excitement and anxiety before Sunday's game. "It's game day. We're in the playoffs. We're going to the Super Bowl - gonna win it all!" Oswald said. "I'm always a nervous fan, so I believe they're gonna win, but I'm always nervous," Wiarek said.

Win or lose, fans say the experience of watching the Pack at Lambeau Field is one they'll never forget. "Being with 70,000 of our closest friends is always a good touch!" Welter said.