Packed house for Sunday concealed carry class at Concertina Beer Hall

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- It has been nine days since Concertina Beer Hall owner Andy Kochanski shot and killed an armed robber at his bar, on Milwaukee's near south side. On Sunday, August 25th, that action brought dozens of people to his bar for a concealed carry training class.

Police say three men walked into the Concertina Beer Hall early Friday, August 16th — two of whom were armed, and tried robbing the owner at gunpoint.

Kochanski pulled his own gun.

A 23-year-old man was shot and killed, another man was injured, and a third man was on the run.

“What are you going to do? You`re going to protect yourself and your customers. I have no regrets of doing it and I`ll do it again,” Kochanski said.

Since the incident, Kochanski says he has seen an outpouring of support.

"Business has picked up with people stopping in and whatnot. Been getting phone calls and letters and emails and whatnot from across the country," Kochanski said.

Kochanski on Sunday, over one week after the incident, held a concealed carry training class at his bar.

"There are people out there that saw what I went through and are more motivated to 'hey, I'm going to go buy a gun now.'  And I'd much rather have them have the education behind that than just go out and get a gun and not have that education," Kochanski said.

Even though she hasn't handled a gun, Terri Fabian took part in Sunday's concealed carry course.

"I decided that it's probably time that I learn how to handle a gun just in case I might need it," Fabian said.

Also on hand on Sunday was Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke. Speaking to the class, Sheriff Clarke railed against his political opponents.

"On the left, they're just terrified of firearms. The attacks against the Second Amendment, the attacks are against people being able to make decisions in their lives and not to rely on government, and every situation is about politics," Sheriff Clarke said.

Kochanski said for him, Sunday wasn't about politics.

"People tried to suck me into that, the political game. I'm not Republican or Democrat. I kind of float between both parties and whatnot," Kochanski said.

Sunday's class was full, with a line extending outside the building. Some stood for four hours in order to take part in the class.

Kochanski says he held Sunday's class so that people would have an opportunity to educate themselves on gun safety. He says a lot of people told them they were going to get guns because of the incident, and he doesn't want people to get hurt.

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