Overpass bridge must be inspected after it is struck by over-sized load

WALWORTH COUNTY (WITI) -- Walworth County Sheriff's officials say an overpass bridge must be inspected following an incident involving a semi-trailer and an over-sized load that occurred on Monday evening, March 31st.

It happened on Highway 12 and I-43.

Sheriff's officials say the semi-trailer was caught underneath the I-43 overpass bridge after the operator was trying to pull a hollow tube through.

The semi-trailer's operator struck the bridge with the tube -- but was able to back the semi-trailer and the tube out from under the overpass bridge.

The bridge appears to have sustained little to no damage -- but an inspector is being called out to check the bridge's condition.

Traffic on I-43 was not disrupted by this incident.

The off-ramp from I-43 to Highway 12 was closed for just a few minutes.

Highway 12 was unaffected.