Outgoing pastor and friend offers advice to new Sheriff Earnell Lucas: 'Serve with integrity'

Pastor Don Darius Butler

MILWAUKEE -- New Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas on Sunday, Jan. 13 supported a friend and pastor as he delivered his final sermon.

Inside the Tabernacle Community Baptist Church near 25th Street and Medford Avenue in Milwaukee, Pastor Don Darius Butler on Sunday, Jan. 13 said goodbye.

"It's a bittersweet moment. When you've shared nine-and-a-quarter years with a congregation, they become family," said Pastor Butler.

In the pews were Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, members of the Milwaukee Common Council and new Milwaukee County Sheriff Earnell Lucas.

"I wasn't going to be a sheriff who was just going to sit back," said Sheriff Lucas.

"We worked together over the course of these years on various projects that are of common interest. They have always given me their support. I've tried to support their leadership in ways that I believe provides, and serves, the cause of justice," said Pastor Butler.

"He likes to contain the community. He's mostly concerned with the community and also the city," said Sammie Robinson.

Robinson said Sheriff Lucas' presence Sunday was surprising -- in a good way.

"Showing that there's a caring going on," said Robinson.

As the service wrapped up, Pastor Butler offered some words of advice to Sheriff Lucas.

"Serve with integrity," said Pastor Butler.

Pastor Butler said he planned to lead a new church out of state.

Sheriff Lucas said he planned to visit churches like this multiple times a week throughout his tenure -- hoping to better understand the community he serves and protects.