Outdoor burning ban issued in City of Kenosha

KENOSHA - A burning ban is in effect beginning Monday, July 2nd in all City of Kenosha parks and will remain in place until further notice, according to Kenosha Fire Chief John Thomsen.

The burning ban follows a recommendation by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, which has placed southeastern Wisconsin under a "Very High" fire condition warning.

The ban on all open fires in city parks includes no fires in outdoor grills (and no use of charcoal in the grills); no use of fire rings or fireplaces; no fireworks of any type, and no careless use of smoking materials. Propane grills may be used, but people should use caution.

Fire officials are very concerned about the chances of fires spreading due to the large expanses of dormant, dry grass in the parks.

The fireworks display on Wednesday, July 4th will go on as scheduled in Kenosha.